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January 3, 2020 0Pull-Thru Logistics News


Proper packaging is a smart way to help reduce the cost of shipping without leaving unnecessary excess space or adding bulk.  The cost of delivery is determined by the size and weight of your package.  Using a package that is larger then needed, adds nothing but a higher shipping rate by paying for the empty space that’s not needed.  Setting up the proper packaging is a smart way to ship your parcel, that is worth the effort.

Here are a few tips that will help you deliver what you need, whenever you need it in the most efficient way:

  • Size of package: This is very important when deciding the type and size of boxes used for shipment.  Using a box that is too small may damage the content, using a box that is too large for the product, will cause the item to shift around which may lead to damages.
  • Material of the product: The type of product you are transporting determines the type of box or packing paper you use for your shipments. For example, if your product is fragile, you will need as much layers of protection as possible. It is best to use boxes that fit snug while leaving room for padding to restrict movement and friction.
  • Weight of your product: You will be risking a lot of damages if you use a package for a heavy product with a lightweight box. In order to fully protect your heavy products from damages, you should have them packaged in strong plywood boxes or the proper material.


Resist finding a shortcut for cheaper material when it comes to buying boxes and packing materials, such as foam, bubble wrap, and etc.  By spending it on higher quality products, you can ensure the safety of your package gets to the destination to where it needs,  It may cost you more money over time. but it can also save you money by preventing any damages or broken items.  Here are a variety of packaging options out there.  The choice you make is determined by the weight, size, and type of product you’re shipping.

Here are some options to choose from:

  • Chipboard and paperboard boxes: These types of boxes are made from flexible and bendable chip cardboard, generally made from reclaimed paper stock.  They are mostly lightweight and used for pharmaceuticals, gift, cosmetics, and shelf packaging.
  • Corrugated boxes:  It contains rows of air columns. The columns make the paper stronger than average cardboard with the air acting as a cushion which provides some protection for your products. They are available in various sizes and suitable for shipments with longer destinations.

How do you pack a box for shipping?

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to properly pack a box for shipping:

    • Choosing the proper box: It is best to use a new box for your packaging needs.  You are risking having your products damaged by using a old or used box.
    • Adding cushion in the boxes: This is extremely important to do if you’re shipping fragile items or those that can easily get damaged if they’re mistakenly dropped. It is advised to add padding supplies to your packaging to prevent any damages.
    • Wrap your products: If the items you’re shipping are fragile, such as glass or mirrors, you’ll need to have them properly wrapped using bubble wrap.  You want to ensure your product arrives safely.  It is best to wrap the product in multiple layers.
    • Sealing & packaging the box: After the items are wrapped, they are ready to be packed. A great tip is by giving it a little shake to see if there’s any rattling. If there is, you should apply extra padding before shipping.


Rely on shipping solutions with our services.  Provide us with the dimensions and weight of your package, and the destination, and you’ll get an estimate of the final price.  Need help?  Contact us for a consultation, estimate, or any other question regards to your project. We’re here for you anytime you need us.

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